Licenses for vessels – Transfers

Our school takes responsibility and immediately settles all the necessary procedures for the transfer and licensing of your boat:

  • Leave on speedboat
  • Permission for inflatable boats
  • License for fishing vessels
  • Permission for yachts
  • Board transfer

The registration of a new inflatable boat can be made at any port authority of your residence,by submitting the following documents:

  • Boat ownership title (invoice).
  • Board machine ownership title (invoice).
  • Maximum continuous power (official list manufacturer or certificate).
  • Certificate of manufacturer (Register of Shipping, the manufacturer of such vessels, or qualified, graduate engineer).
  • CE certificate – Declaration of conformity – Compliance Statement.
  • Board photo.
  • Two photographs owner.
  • EKOEMN triplicate and fees
  • Statutory Declaration that neither the board nor the machine is registered in another VEMS Port Authority and that the VAT stated in the application is true and unique.