Offshore speedboat Courses

Come along with us and enjoy an entire day away from the daily grind. Every Sunday for almost a year now we organize a daily cruise on the seacoast of Saronikos.

The cruise begins at 09.30am from Elefsina Bay. We start with basic knowledge about nautical knots, preparation for departure and finding courses for our trip. Our first course is towards the island of Egina. As we sail towards Egina we make an offshore stop and we train our crew how to handle a situation of captain absence, how to use a floating anchor and how we can find stigmata with the method of bearing.

At 11.30am we reach the bay of St. Marina and we learn side berthing and anchoring.

At 13.00pm we continue our trip to the island Moni. We make a stop anchoring with stern lines. We relax at Moni for 2 hours from 14.00pm till 16.00pm and we take the chance to enjoy the incredible turquoise waters of the island.

At 16.30pm we take off for the port of Perdika. On our way we repeat some procedures of anchoring and side berthing.

At 20.30pm we depart towards the port of Big Pefkos. We repeat everything that we learnt in the daily cruise and we answer any questions and make further clarifications on our return to the port of Elefsina.