The course followed to obtain the diploma includes practical and theoretical courses lasting 4-5 hours (times vary depending on the ability of the learner). The practical training includes 4-6 courses lasting 60 minutes. Compulsory theoretical course is only one, but the learner can do any more he wishes.


In the first lesson the learner comes into first contact with the main parts of the vessel, the type of boat, engine, trained in tying and loosening of nautical knots, gets to know the proper clothing and the departure preparation.

In the second lesson the student comes into contact with the handling of the boat,anchoring, berthing stern-to, the collision avoidance rules, the human rescue at sea and generally the procedures in case of emergency.

The third lesson is updated on geographical coordinates, studying charts and finding driving, handling compass, recognition of sound and light signals. In the third and final lesson the curriculum onboard and the written examination are implemented.

After all these , we have gained our own speedboat diploma and are getting prepared for our sea tour with safety.